NCTE expects all participants to adhere to the following policies while in attendance at Homecoming. NCTE reserves the right to dismiss any participant from Homecoming whose conduct is inconsistent with these policies.

Health & Safety Policy

NCTE takes the health and safety of its personnel and all guests at events very seriously. In light of ongoing concerns regarding COVID and communicable health risks more generally,  NCTE is requiring all attendees to be fully Vaccinated against COVID 19 to attend NCTE Homecoming 2022.  Prior to the event you will be asked to submit proof of vaccination using Crowdpass digital health-clearance program.  In addition to the vaccine verification, NCTE may implement and additional appropriate health and safety protocols in light of the public health circumstances existing at the time of each NCTE event. NCTE will follow protocols that comply with any then-applicable local public health requirements and are consistent with then-prevailing public health standards, as issued by the CDC (or other relevant public health authorities). Those protocols may include some or all of the following: self-monitoring, symptom screening, contact tracing, use of face coverings, social distancing, or other safety measures. Additional or enhanced measures may apply to certain events or activities in light of the particular circumstances and risks. Compliance with the protocols adopted by NCTE may be mandatory for in-person attendance and participation at the event. Additional information regarding the specific health and safety measures, and any necessary consents by you, will be communicated to Attendees before the event.

Due to the changing conditions created by COVID-19 and is variants, NCTE is continually monitoring and evaluating our heath and safety protocols for the upcoming Homecoming Event. Based on this evaluation NCTE is making mask a requirement while attending NCTE Homecoming unless actively eating or drinking. This mask requirement is in addition to the Health and Safety protocols that have already been announced.

After patiently, eagerly waiting for the opportunity to meet in person once again, we are all working together to make this a rewarding, enjoyable, and safe event. Accordingly, you agree that you will not attend the event if within ten (10) days preceding the event, you have tested positive or been diagnosed with COVID or other communicable disease; or experienced any new or unexplained symptoms commonly associated with COVID or other communicable disease. Further, you understand and agree that NCTE may share any COVID-related information about you that NCTE receives as part of such health and safety protocols with public health authorities or other regulatory agencies, as required by applicable law.

Mutual Respect & Anti-Harassment Policy

NCTE is committed to producing events where everyone may learn, network, and socialize in an environment of mutual respect. Therefore, some behaviors are expressly prohibited: harassment or intimidation related to gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, disability, race, age, religion; deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following; harassing photography or recording; sustained disruption of talks or events; inappropriate contact and unwelcome sexual attention. Participants are expected to observe this code of conduct policy in all venues and events. Contact eventcommunications@ncte.org if you believe you have been harassed or that a harassing situation exists. All reports will be directed to NCTE leadership immediately.

Demonstrations Policy

Demonstrations and protests will be conducted in a peaceful and organized manner, will be within the policies of the venue, and will be compliant with federal, state, and local laws. Such activities are strictly forbidden in exhibition space, and protesters will not be permitted to block the entrance to traffic flow within the exhibit area. NCTE retains the right to permit protests to occur in predetermined areas and to terminate any protests that occur on its property or property NCTE is renting, leasing, or otherwise using for a specific time to host an event. Attendees who do not uphold these standards may jeopardize their membership and/or event participation.

Individuals and groups interested in demonstrating/protesting should contact our Convention Operations Team, at eventcommunications@ncte.org to register their plans and obtain further details.

Use of Multimedia

By attending the Convention, you acknowledge and agree that NCTE, or others acting on its behalf or through sponsorship or exhibitor contracts, may take photographs and video (by any means) and/or make sound recordings during the Convention (including through the digital event platform and via social media) and that you may appear in such photographs and videos and be heard in such sound recordings, and that NCTE may edit and use the footage it captures for marketing and promotional activities (including through social media) now and in the future, and for any other lawful purpose in the ordinary course of its business.

You are prohibited from photographing, video recording, and sound recording of any part of any Convention sessions or content (including through recording on social media feeds) unless you have obtained written permission in advance from NCTE.


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