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Homecoming offers content tied to pressing issues in the literary and teaching communities. The event consists of four tracks that we invite you to explore more below: NCTE, the English Language Arts Teacher Educators (ELATE) special interest group within NCTE, the Literacies and Languages for All (LLA) special interest group within NCTE, and specialized content for leaders of NCTE’s state and regional affiliates known as the Affiliate Leadership Meeting (ALM). As a registered attendee, you may choose to participate in programming from one or more of these tracks during the event.

The most recently updated NCTE Track program can be accessed here.


LLA Track

Literacies and Languages for All (LLA) is an organization that builds upon our foundation of holistic, meaning-centered, and constructivist principles, and integrates theories and practices of social justice, critical literacies, digital, multimodal, and biliteracies, inquiry and project-based learning that embody the work of twenty-first-century educators.

The 2022 LLA Summer Institute will focus on Love in Action: A Commitment to Freedom and Justice.

“We look forward to living and learning from and with holistic educators who are experts in cultivating the types of ecosystems where love and justice abound. We provide this space for you to share how this work is taken up in your local contexts, how you promote justice through your loving actions.” Read the full call for proposals.

The institute includes exciting keynote speakers and sessions addressing the complex political and critical issues that surround whole language philosophy and teaching. With goals of teacher support and professional development, advocacy, and political action, participants actively engage in dialogue and small- and whole-group interactions.

The most recently updated LLA Track program can be accessed here.



English Language Arts Teacher Educators (ELATE) serves those NCTE members who are engaged in the preparation, support, and continuing education of teachers of English language arts/literacy at all levels of instruction.

The 2022 ELATE Summer Conference will focus on ELA Teaching and Learning as Homeplace.

“We invite English language arts teacher educators and other members of literacy communities to consider homeplace in order to think with additional theories and ways of knowing and being that inform ELA.” Read the full call for proposals.

The conference includes keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and a Graduate Student Strand where you can find a professional network and gain access to the people, ideas, and resources that are shaping the future of English language arts teaching.

The most recently updated ELATE Track program can be accessed here.


ALM Track

During the 2022 NCTE Affiliate Leadership Meeting, leaders of NCTE state and regional affiliates will have access to the specialized content while also having the benefit of networking opportunities with NCTE members active in other parts of the organization. Specific opportunities will include conversations with other humanities-based organizations; collaboration amongst affiliates, NCTE, and NCTE partners in the fight against censorship; and focused topics such as critical media literacy, building membership, and more. See the agenda.

We encourage affiliates to send as many leaders to this biennial meeting as is possible. This meeting is so important to grow the affiliate community of educators, leaders, and learners! The NCTE affiliate office will be in touch with affiliate leaders in the coming weeks to share additional information.

The most recently updated ALM Track program can be accessed here.