A New Experience

It has been over two years since NCTE last hosted an in-person event. In the time since, literacy educators have provided continuous instruction for students, sheltered their students, and grieved with and for them. They have also had unique burdens to carry that grow more complex by the day. The censorship efforts thrust upon NCTE’s community in particular over the last year have created risk, distraction, and harm to educators and students alike. NCTE’s community continues to fight for students’ rights to read, write, and use their own languages, as well as for teachers’ freedom to teach what they know to be essential. That fight, support, and community, in service of valued members, have all needed to be digital, providing a forum for NCTE to innovate and use technology in new and exciting ways, but also reminding us that there is no replacement for the power and spirit that come with gathering in person.

This event is a special one that speaks to the moment as we hopefully come out of the pandemic. It does not replace the treasured and growing NCTE Annual Convention, which will take place in Anaheim, California, this November. Instead, Homecoming will have its own identity, and will leave all attendees energized and more prepared for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, with focused content emphases such as critical media literacy and intellectual freedom. It will also serve as the signature NCTE experience of the summer, consolidating several different traditional stand-alone events into one, including the biennial Affiliate Leadership Meeting (ALM), the English Language Arts Teacher Educators (ELATE) Summer Conference, and the Literacies and Languages for All (LLA) Summer Institute.

The future of readers, writers, and creators in our country and world is in the hands of you, our educators. We wait with great anticipation to finally be in person with you, and many of your friends and colleagues, for this signature summer experience.

If you have any questions at all regarding the NCTE Homecoming event, please contact our staff team at CustomerService@ncte.org. To read our FAQ’s, click here.


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